We use the term artificial intelligence (A.I.) to describe the use of computers and technology to simulate intelligent and critical thinking like this of a human being, just a lot faster.

Worldwide Unique: Individual A.I. System for each client, based on their personal data

Salvagene has been using A.I. algorithms for quite some time in the pursuit of health optimization. All our recommendations to our clients on how they can boost their immunity against SARS-CoV-2 are 50 percent derived from A.I. algorithms, which have the absolute advantage that, after a certain learning period, they are capable of creating an individual A.I. system for each client. In contrast to conventional medicine, where reference is made to data of non-specific origin, we work exclusively with the personal, individually harvested data of our clients where the principle is, of course, the more data sets generated, the better.

“The use of Artificial intelligence in combination with deep genomics to achieve maximum health optimization beside”. Subtitle of the video: →

Salvagene has been one of the first medical consulting companies worldwide to use A.I., so we can offer our clients the best possible service and recommendations for a long and healthy life.

A current example of the value of our S.A.I.P. (Salvagene Artificial Intelligence Program) is the battle against the ongoing pandemic. It compares the data from our clients with international databases on Covid-19. 

The more data we have the more accurately S.A.I.P. can determine the personal Covid-19 risk factor. To do so it starts its calculations with the primary risk factors irrespective of age:

cardiovascular health

heightened silent inflammation levels

as well as all drugs that are taken regularly

excessive responses from the immune system in the past

autoimmune diseases

immunosuppressive events

certain medications, especially cancer treatments

past cytokine storms

lingering infections

undiagnosed bacterial infections

no record of pneumococcal vaccination

lungs and liver disease