We followed the publication of the human genome in 2001 with the same fascination as thousands of journalists, and in the glare of global publicity.

This insight was truly ground-breaking: Not only are OUR GENES unique, but the way to maintain YOUR HEALTH is equally unique and special. There is an infallible method for doing this, namely identifying the right lifestyle for your individual genetic predisposition.

Our Services

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Combination with Deep Genomics to Achieve Maximum Health Optimization. In preventive medicine and health optimization, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms lead to a significant risk reduction of developing future serious health problems. The Artificial Program S.A.I.P. of Salvagene, in combination with prior DNA analyses, makes it possible to give highly personalized recommendations on the very individual health situation of the clients, up to personal Covid-19 risk factors. In contrast to conventional medicine, where reference is made to data of non-specific origin, we work exclusively with the personal, individually harvested data of our clients where the principle is, of course, the more data sets generated, the better it is.

Our Objective

We are in the process of developing a “Daily Life Care” procedure, a sort of “home lab” which will be integrated into smart home systems in the future. This home lab will perform a daily instant analysis of samples (saliva sample, a small finger prick blood test, urine and stool sample), an automated test that takes just a few seconds. In this way, the client will be presented with an immediate A.I.-based personal “daily plan”. This plan includes a nutrition and activation program derived from the readings, which recommends the specific activities that are optimal at a certain time of day for daily health optimization. It is our vision for everybody to have a personal health optimizer at home, which is available to take care of the their well-being every day and knows the their needs better than they do.

115550Genetic Analysis Performed
122500Telomere Analysis Performed
25Countries with Salvagene Representation
35Research Projects

Brief History of Our Company


Involvement in more than 35 research projects in the areas of: Medicine Genetics (EpiGenetics / OptoGenetics), Telomere Biology, Biochemistry, Quantum Physics, Biophysics, EMF Engineering, Light Engineering


Use of Artificial Intelligence in combination with deep genomics to achieve maximum health optimization by creating an individual A.I. system for each client. Development of a “Daily Life Care” procedure, a sort of “home lab” which will be integrated into smart home systems in the future.


Establishment of the Covid-19 Vaccine and Medication Advisor


Establishment of the Covid-19 Immunisation Program


Foundation of SARS-Cov-2 Task Force


Increase of the number of methyl markers for the S.A.I.P. to 5850– making it the world’s largest epigenetic test method.


Start of the Salvagene Artificial Intelligence Program (S.A.I.P.)


Opening of the world’s first cancer prevention center – Salvagene Cancer Prevention Center (S.C.P.C.)


First epigenetic analysis of the most famous longevity genes


First epigenetic analysis of the mist important tumor suppressor genes


First epigenetic analysis of the key body clock genes


Stockholm: Salvagene concept one again endorsed by Nobel Price Award for our Light Modul


Introduction of Skin Genetic Sensors


Introduction of an Individual Biophysical Environmental Concept


Introduction of a comprehensive Epigenetic and Telomere Therapy Concept


First epigenetic analysis of the genes responsible for raging and inflammation shortly after the Nobel Prize was awarded


Development of proprietary telomerase concept


Use of the first epigenetic markers for cancer prevention


First telomere analysis performed shortly before the winner of the Nobel Prize was announced


Development of symptogenomic polymorphism analysis by Dr. Dr. Huber


First genetic polymorphism analysis performed – two years after the publication of the Human Genome Project in Boston


Company founded